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5 min readMar 8, 2021
Photo By: Brandon Woller

Denishia C. Moore aka MSDENISHIA is a model, coach, author, and actor, she stepped into the modeling world at the sweet age of 16. Determined to win her first pageant she was crown Miss Hemisphere in her hometown of Tulsa, OK. With her sights set on becoming, a Fashion Model MSDENISHIA stepped out on faith and moved to New York. She hit the ground running and signed exclusively with The Grace Del Marco Modeling Agency owned by Ophelia DeVore who was the first Model of African- American descent in the US( Wikipedia). After booking her first speaking role on the Cosby Show, Young Denishia found herself setting trends as a Salon House Model for John Atchison Hairstylist to “The Stars” where she met Cicely Tyson who sat right next to her. In the late 90’s she relocated from the Big Apple to the Mini Apple of Minnesota where she was quickly Branded as MSDENISHIA™. Coined is the “TOP MODEL COACH” an Owner of a Modeling School and Agency, helping launch careers of aspiring Models, Actors and Talent is her passion!


LS: What made you decided to step into the fashion and modeling industry?

MsD: When I was around 12 or 13 years old I realized that I was expressing myself through the way I dressed and wore my hair. As I grow up this was recognized as me having a unique style and fashion.

LS: From your personal experiences, why did you feel it necessary to branch out as a Top Model Coach?

MsD: From my personal experience it was necessary to branch out as a Top Model Coach after witnessing so many Models showing up unprepared on set. These were working Models such as myself booked through an Agency. Many of them had paid thousands of dollars to attend Modeling Schools. Therefore, I felt it was my calling to help change these Industry failures!

LS: Can you tell us more about your work with the Miss America pageant?

MsD: I was contacted by the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA production company asking for my services as an onstage expert. I trained only state titleholders to prepare them for the televised performance. After the results for the 1st with 5 of the 7 Miss USA State Title Holders making it to the top 10, the organization saw real results. I did my first Zoom Runway video for the Miss USA and Miss USA Teen in October of 2020.

Photo by Chad Moon

LS: I’m no expert and for those of us who have no clue about the runway, how many runway styles are there, and what makes a walk unique?

MsD: I been asked this question before and I teach 3 different intros to the Runway (casual pose, Model stance, and straight on without posing). For me, there is no specific number of Runway styles as this is what makes a walk unique by owning your style and flair! And remember CONFIDENCE KEY!

LS: As a Top Model Coach, who have been some of your clients, and who is your most favorite or memorable?

MsD: As a Top Model Coach I pride myself on working with anyone who aspires to become a Model starting at age 5. I have many favorite clients one of whom I started coaching while she was a top athlete at age 15. Sydney attended college in NY to study Fashion while working with a Modeling Agency and later went on to play Professional Basketball Overseas. We still keep in touch to this day. My most memorable moment as a Top Model Coach is giving Nicole who has autism a chance to walk the Runway with her Sister Michelle (one of my students) at our Annual Fashion Show Fundraiser.

LS: How has social media and shows like Project Runway, influence what we now see on the runway?

MsD: I’m not sure how shows like Project Runway have influenced what we now see on the Runway since Fashion is and will be forever changing. I’ve been dressed for Red Carpet Events by Christopher Straub who competed on Project Runway. I saw his designs come a very long way after the show. I must say that social media has brought the attention of more than the usual unprofessional Runway Models I’m noticing. This is why I’m also known as The Top Runway Coach.

LS: Tell me what made you want to be a part of Fashion Mingle’s The Real Experts of Modeling online course and what will you be contributing?

MsD: I wanted to be a part of Fashion Mingle’s The Real Experts of Modeling online course to continue contributing my seasoned Runway skills along with expert advice to aspiring Models. This is in hopes that they don’t make the same mistakes me and many others make trying to get started in The Industry.

Photo By: Brandon Woller

LS: When you think about the contributions of African American women to the fashion and modeling industry, what is the impact you want your legacy to have?

MsD: When I think about the contributions of African American women to the fashion and modeling industry, I want my legacy to remind us that we must “KEEP IT ON PUSH 4 YOUR DREAMS!”

LS: What is next for your brand and vision?

MsD: The next few brands are already in the works with publishing the Modeling Boot Camp Handbook and producing Top Model Talk Show on YouTube. I’ve always wanted to be an author and host a talk show. The vision of “Be The Star That You Are!” Foundation becoming a reality is very important. This program will support Summer programs for those who find it financially impossible to pursue Modeling as part of their future goals.

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